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Prešovská 31, 040 01 Košice

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Prešovská cesta 31, 040 01 Košice


Our clients

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East Slovak Energetics

We are extremely satisfied with the services of the LUX company. They clean thoroughly and quickly. We can rely on their job well done.

National Bank of Slovakia

We are long-term clients of the LUX Company. We especially like that they always do a great job and that they are open to accommodating us. They can adapt to our needs and requirements.

Ministry of the Interior of the Slovak Republic

We place emphasis on the appearance of our offices and representative space. It is important to us that the cleaning is always done well. For these reasons, we use the services of the LUC Company, which approaches its tasks responsibly.

Unicredit banka

We thank the workers of the LUX Company for the cleaning of our offices. Their work fast and with diligence.


We recommend the LUX Company to all, who are interested in cleaning services. They are precise and responsible.

General Health Insurance Company, a. s.

We want to have clean offices so our employees and clients are satisfied. Thanks to the services of the LUX Company, we can easily achieve this. They care about their work, which is always done perfectly.


LUX has been cleaning our workspaces for several years. There is nothing we can complain about. They do their work well and we are all satisfied.

Raiffeisen Informatik

Thanks to you, our office is clean and hygienic. Thank you and we recommend you to others.

Slovak Telekom

If you want to keep your workplace clean, definitely use LUX. We are very satisfied with their work and their work ethic. Their employees are very forthcoming. We can always come to an agreement.

Uniqa Group Service center Slovakia

The service of the LUX Company is excessively rich. Whether we need to clean the windows, wet clean the carpets or just wipe off the dust. They do everything promptly and very well.

Zoom International

They always do their work well. We can only praise them.

Public Transportation Company of the City of Košice

We have been loyal clients of the LUX Company for several years now. We like their work and their commitment.


We are satisfied with their work and we will continue to use your services.